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Training Needs Assessment

Training Needs AssessmentTraining Needs Assessment 

A training needs assessment gathers data to determine what type of employee training program should be developed that will assist individuals and the organization achieve business goals and objectives. The assessment also helps determine if training is the right intervention to address the performance problem.

Training Needs Assessment for Three Levels of an Organization

  1. Organizational Assessment – This type of assessment determines what skills, knowledge, and abilities an organization needs to enhance overall performance and competencies. The data collection should indicate what is required to alleviate the organization’s problems and weaknesses. Organizational assessment also looks at external factors that could be hindering performance including changing demographics, political trends, technology, and the economy.
  2. Occupational Assessment – examines the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for affected occupational groups. Occupational assessment identifies how and which occupational discrepancies or gaps exist, potentially introduced by the new direction of an organization. It also considers new ways to do work that can eliminate the gaps.
  3. Individual assessment – analyzes how well an individual employee is performing in his/her job and determines the person’s capacity to do new or different work. Individual assessment provides data on which employees need training and what kind.

During the assessment, our consults will investigate the following issues and areas related to employee performance:

  • Training Needs AssessmentRecognize measurable goals
  • Determine necessary performance
  • Identify performance gaps
  • Validate if training is needed
  • Find appropriate solutions
  • Determine actions to transfer skills
  • Evaluate and measure impact
  • Identify additional services

 Training Needs Assessment: Improvement Survey Questions

  • Business Needs
    • How does the problem described impact your business?
    • If the problem is resolved, what do you hope your results would be?
    • How does that compare to your results right now?
  • Performance Needs
    • What do you want employees to do better or differently?
    • How does this compare to what employees are doing right now?
    • What are employees doing or not doing that you would like to see change?
      • Where does the problem appear?
      • When does the problem appear?
      • How long has the problem existed?
  • Learning Needs
    • Has training been conducted in the past? If so, what were the results?
    • Could your employees do this right now if their jobs depended on it?
  • Work Environment Needs
    • Other than lack of skills, do you know of any other reasons for this performance gap?
    • What solutions other than training have been tried to solve this problem?
    • Can you think of other reasons employees would not perform as expected?

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