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Training and Development Approach

Training and developmentTraining and Development Consulting Approach

As a training and development program provider, our consulting approach is results focused. Each step of our process is designed to help you arrive at the strategic outcome of improving workforce performance in support of your organizational goals.

Initial Consultation

Our first step involves conducting a Performance Analysis that will help us understand several important issues about your organization including the following:

  • Your strategic goals and objectives
  • The individuals or groups whose performance is to be evaluated
  • If training is the right approach to solve the performance issue
  • Identification of gaps between what is currently in place and what is needed (E.g. Current and desired job performance; existing and desired competencies and skills)
  • What kind of solution is ultimately needed

Training and Development Program Design

After our initial assessment, we will discuss with you the training curriculum options that best meet your needs. We can provide a custom solution developed by our team of experienced subject matter experts and instructional designers, or offer a standardized training solution from one of our training solutions partners.

For your custom training needs, we have subject matter experts appropriate to consult and train at all levels of staff— from entry level to the “C” Suite. Read more about our training solutions partners.

Training Delivery

We can deliver training virtually anywhere in California—at our statewide community college members’ locations, or onsite at your workplace. Our experienced consultants can also expand your training capacity by helping you deliver your company’s content materials to your workforce.

Training Measurement

For every training project, we conduct a pre-test and a post-test to evaluate the level of learning that occurred during the training program. Additionally, we will assess and measure your employees’ reaction to the learning process. These two important levels or “Steps” of measurement are based on Donald Kirkpatrick’s seminal evaluation methodology for assessing the learning processes, which is typically referred to as Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Evaluation Model. For clients wishing to conduct learning assessment beyond Steps 1 and 2, we can take the evaluation process through Step 4.

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