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Learning Styles and the Multigenerational Workforce

By Jon Wollenhaupt The first students in Generation Z (those born after 1995) are now graduating from college and are poised to enter the job market. In the very near future, you are likely to find up to five generations in the workplace, sitting side-by-side in meetings, collaborating on projects, and seeking opportunities for professional […]

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Marketing Essentials for Contract Training: Keyword Research and Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals

By Jon Wollenhaupt Keyword research and selection is the cornerstone of your online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. The mix of keywords you choose will drive your content development and on-page optimization efforts. Most importantly, well-researched keywords/phrases that speak to your core business activities will attract the right kind of visitors to your […]

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Why a Skills Gap Exists in U.S. Manufacturing

By Natalie Weaver The Manufacturing Institute estimates that by the year 2025, 2 million jobs in advanced manufacturing will go unfilled. Why is there such a significant number of unfilled positions? Although there are likely a variety of reasons, one of the most important – and alarming – is the existence of the skills gap in […]

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Digital Badges Give Learners a Competitive Edge in Hiring and Career Advancement

Digital Badges Give Learners a Competitive Edge in Hiring and Career Advancement By Jon Wollenhaupt There’s a profound shift taking place in the way employers view a new hire’s education and qualifications. That change is described by Ryan Craig, author and managing director of University Ventures—an education-focused venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurs and […]

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California Corporate College to Deliver 21st Century Skills Training

The California Corporate College Partners with New World of Work to Deliver 21st Century Skills Training to Educators, State Agencies, and Corporations September 22, 2016. The California Corporate College (CA CC) today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with New World of Work (NWOW), a multi-college partnership funded through the California Community College […]

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training

Community Colleges Collaborate to Meet the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training Needs of California’s Transportation Industry By Jon Wollenhaupt To meet the challenge of keeping California’s workforce productive and highly skilled, the state’s community colleges are successfully developing multi-college partnerships designed to meet the regional and statewide workplace training and educational needs of employers. These partnerships […]

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Are You a Corporate Trainer Responsible for Employee Performance?

What Every Corporate Trainer Should Know About the Contract Education Services Provided by Their Local California Community College What Is Contract Education’s Role? The Contract Education department at California Community Colleges plays a vital role in establishing long-term relationships with business and industry in their communities. These relationships enable the community colleges to provide industry-specific […]

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Employee Development & Training Spotlight

Employee Development and Training Program Evaluation Key Topics at Spring Contract Education Conference By Rhiannon Surrenda, MA Overview California’s Community Colleges are in a unique position to deliver high-performance employee development and training programs to business. Whether a company requires employee training in basic computer skills or in highly specialized areas such as advanced manufacturing […]

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Measuring Corporate Learning

The California Corporate College is pleased to present this guest blog post by Jack J. Phillips and Patti P. Phillips, world-renowned experts in corporate learning measurement. The ten steps presented on delivering business value from corporate learning are critical for any organization that regularly conducts employee training. Delivering Results Starts with Why? By Jack J. […]

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